100mm BOPP Salvage Rewinding

100mm BOPP Salvage Rewinding

Krishna Engineering Works Trim winders incorporate many features for high reliability of trim winding, 100mm BOPP Salvage Rewinding Machine manufacturer. The precision electromechanical traversing system is maintenance free with operator control of the traversing rate which remains constant regardless of the line speed or the spool diameter. 100mm BOPP Salvage Rewinding manufacturer, This, together with the inbuilt pineapple winding technology, ensures optimum winding of the trim and therefore increases the reliability. The lightweight web guide roll assembly traverses for high speed operation with the spool running in a fixed position. Heavy duty Salvage Rewinding machine for bopp tape slitting machine

Each trim winder is driven by its own variable speed motor running under closed loop tension control from a precision dancer.
Alternatively, where space is at a premium, the winder motor can be operated under direct torque control. Full sized rolls can be unloaded quickly and the winder restarted. Winders are fitted with a remote air inflation system on winding shafts for paper cores or a quick release mechanism on shafts.

100mm BOPP Salvage Rewinding

Trim Winder Typical Specification

Trim Width 5 to 60 mm
Web Thickness 10um to 1mm
Package Diameter 350 mm
Package Width 350 mm
Core Diameter 100 mm
Maximum Speed 500 m/min

The motion control drive is controlled by a digital inverter drive, capable of both driving and stopping the motor. Material is fed by dancer for tension control, equipped with a position feedback through ultrasonic sensor. Together with the PID controls on the trim winder control board, this provides a speed reference for the motion control drive. The system operates to maintain the dancer in a fixed position, thus providing static rewinding tension. We are manufacturer of BOPP Tape Cutting Machine

The tension is set by the position of the dancer. When the dancer is close to the refrence, the trim tension is high. When it’s furthest away from the reference, the tension is low. Dancer position is set by the internal set tension in tourqe mode. The dancer is mounted on a cross travel mechanism, and acts as a layering guide to the trim.

The cross travel is controlled by a lead motion liner guide ways with automatic end reversing, so that dancer always rotates in motion control. The traverse motor is controlled by a digital inverter drive operating directly from the AC supply. A setpoint isolator on the control board links the winding motor speed reference with the traverse motor so that they operate in unison.

The winder can either be stopped and started from the remote control push buttons or linked directly to the main feed machine. A trim break detector on the control operates three seconds after start up to stop the winder if the dancer hasn’t been pulled off its end stop position.

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